Each presentation will last 15 minutes. English, Spanish and Catalan are accepted languages for in-person presentations; in the case of special panels (symposia), posters and virtual presentations, all official EU languages are accepted.

Proposals for papers or posters (individual or collective)

The papers may be signed by one or more people. To propose a paper (both in-person or virtual), please send us a title, summary (250 words approx.), topic in which the proposal is registered and a brief curriculum vitae (one paragraph) through the form:


Symposium Proposals

The symposiums are 90-minute panels in which 4 or 5 papers of diverse authorship and related topics will be presented, coordinated by one person. The coordinator must be in charge of sending the joint proposal through the form:

To propose a symposium, please send us the title of the symposium, a brief justification of it and the topic in which you wish to register. Likewise, we will need the title and summary of each paper (250 words approx.), as well as name, contact and a short curriculum for each author.



Deadline for receiving proposals for papers or symposia: March 8, 2023 International Women’s Day, April 7, 2023.

Acceptance or rejection will be informed in order of reception and, in any case, before March 21, World Poetry Day, April 10, 2023.

Apr 7th, 2024. Extended proposal submission deadline
Apr 10th, 2024. Final proposals acceptance
Mar 8th, 2024. Proposal submission deadline
Mar 21st, 2024. Acceptance / rejection of proposals
Apr 15th, 2024. Deadline for early bird registration and payment
Jun 15th, 2024. Deadline for registration and payment
Jul 11th, 2024. Inauguration of the IV CICELI
Jul 13th, 2024. Closing of the IV CICELI




In previous editions we received 289 proposals from researchers from more than 200 universities around the world, teachers and students from 24 countries, especially in the United States and Spain and, to a lesser extent, Mexico, Colombia, France, Poland, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Italy, etc.