Researchers are invited to send proposals for presentations, posters and panels related to the following topics:
  1. Women authors and artists in literary and intercultural education.
  2. The role of the arts and literature in the promotion of educational co-education and equity or inclusion (cinema, TV series, transmedia narrative, comic, painting, sculpture…).
  3. Studies on female protagonists or fictional characters that promote equality or that represent diversity in all its richness and complexity.
  4. Didactic proposals or experiences based on work created by women or other individuals marginalized due to disability, sexuality, race, religion, etc., from all time periods and areas.
  5. Environmental humanities and educational applications of ecocriticism and ecofeminism.
  6. Education as a literary, artistic or filmic topic from a social justice perspective..
  1. Comparative studies on equality, equity or social justice in the curriculum, in textbooks or other didactic materials.
  2. Female teachers, professors and researchers as creators of educational experiences (for children or young adults and in adult education).
  3. Poets and their work in the literary and educational canon (inclusions, exclusions, new additions).
  4. Educational proposals or experiences aimed at bringing students closer to poetry written by women.
  5. Literary education and poetry written by women in digital spaces (multimodal poetry, blogs, microblogging, personal websites, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.).