Paula Llorens

Paula Llorens graduated in Dramatic Arts at the Escuela del Actor in Valencia in 2008, and in Spanish Philology at the University of Valencia in 2009. During her last year interned at the Spanish Literature Department, under the supervision of Professor Dr. Antonio Tordera. In 2016 she completed her studies in Dramaturgy at the RESAD in Madrid. She is currently coursing and MA in Literary and Theatric Education and Research in the European Context through the UNED.

In 2008 she wrote her first play, Cardiovascular, which was the finalist of the 5th Nuevos Tiempos Theatre Awards of the AET; it was premiered by the company Cactus Teatre (of which she is a founding member) and directed by the author. The show was selected by the First Cycle of Emergentes that took place at the Teatro Rialto in Valencia.

This success as a playwright was followed by several plays: Tirant, an adaptation of the classic by Joanot Martorell for the Institut Valencià de Cultura; El abrazo de los gusanos, for Dramaturgias actuales of the INAEM; Pequeña Zorra and En un banco, performed at the Miniteatro in Valencia; Contemporani, which compiles the texts of various authors that participated in a workshop offered at the ESAD and which is edited by the University of Valencia as part of their collection “Teatro Siglo XXI”; Recuerdos del olvido, part of the collection Teatro Mínimo of the RESAD and its Valencian language version in El Drac d’Europa by Edicions 96; Flores silenciadas, published by Fundamentos; the monologue Diazepam, with which she participated at the 21st edition of the Monologue Marathon of the AAT; Lluvia, which she directed with her company and which is published as part of the RESAD Year of 2016 in Fundamentos; and Hijos de Verónica, co-written with other authors, which premiered at the Russafa Escénica Festival 2016, directed by Jerónimo Cornelles and published by El Petit Editor. This last play was finalist at the Literary Critics Awards of the Valencia Community, organized annually by the Writers and Literary Critics Association (CLAVE).

As an actress, Paula Llorens has participated in numerous productions, such as Per davant i per darrere, by Olympia Metropolitana; Momo, at the Palau de la Música; Historia de una maestra, Lluvia and Cardiovascular, by Cactus Teatre; El Coloquio de los perros, by Amanece Teatro; Temporada Baja, by CulturArts; El Geperut de Notre Dame, by Bambalina Teatre and Centro Teatral Escalante; Canciones y amor con queso, by Oscura Teatre… She has been nominated to the Crisálide Award by AAPV (2012), the Best Leading Actress Award at the Comedy Theatre Award “Ciudad de Cullera” (2011) and the Best Supporting Actress Award at the “Villa de Mislata” (2010).

Additionally, Paula Llorens has worked as an Assistant Director at Mulïer y Lú, by Maduixa Teatre (Max Award as Best Street Production 2017), Den Haag, by Gabi Ochoa, Petit Pierre, by Bambalina Teatre, directed by Carles Alfaro, and Pulveriza, by A. Zamora.

Historia de una maestra

Theatrical adaptation of the novel by Josefina Aldecoa, adapted and interpreted by Paula Llorens, and directed by Gemma Miralles
In this monologue, Gabriela López becomes lost in her memories, where she rememorates her past as a schoolteacher. Through her reminiscing, we encounter some of the most relevant personalities and events of early 20th Century Spain. This show pays homage to all those female schoolteachers that fought for education in Spain during a time of poverty, ignorance and oppression.